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DIXI Microtechniques, a 4-step process


Research & Development

DIXI Microtechniques’ design office stays on the cutting edge of technology. Able to support its customers in the development or optimised adaptation of mechanical devices for assembly, it also provides the option to carry out 3D modelling, calculations and in-depth digital simulations.

Familiar with the most stringent standards in the field of defence, the team is made up of draughtsmen, design engineers, calculation engineers and project managers, relying on their creativity and spirit of innovation.

Software used: Solidworks, Nastran, Adams, etc.


Calculations and digital simulation
High-speed camera



The company boasts an in-house prototyping workshop for the modification or production of individual units, the fine-tuning of devices developed by R&D, and the manufacture of the tools required for industrialisation.


Tests & Qualification

Based on pre-established specifications, DIXI Microtechniques carries out all the functional tests necessary for the qualification of the assembled products. The assembly workshop is equipped with climatic chambers, centrifuges, electric and pneumatic turbines, optical cameras for digital control by shape recognition, an X-ray radiography booth, leak testing equipment, vibrators, jolt and shock testing equipment, a drop test tower, etc.



In order to guarantee quality and reliability while streamlining manufacturing, the Methods Department standardises each development from R&D or project submitted by a customer with a view to mass production. It also manages the subcontracting of the tooling necessary for the manufacture of components by injection, casting, cutting, trimming, additive manufacturing, etc.