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DIXI Microtechniques, a 3-step process


Micromechanics, Electromechanics, Pyrotechnics

Based on a customer manufacturing file or on internal specifications, the production department has the skills and infrastructure necessary for the assembly, inspection and testing of micromechanical and electromechanical assemblies.

Stemming from the watchmaking micromechanical know-how, DIXI Microtechniques benefits from a historical experience in the Defence sector with the assembly of high reliability and security systems. Know-how that today is put to good use in demanding and highly technical sectors. The working environment is ESD-compliant and approved for the integration of pyrotechnic components.


Focus on a
component of the assembly


Quality assurance

Quality assurance is guaranteed by an integrated ISO 9001-certified system. In addition to guaranteeing a strict organisation, it imposes flawless appearance and dimensional checks on the components as well as final validation before delivery to the customer. Traceability is guaranteed by production batches or serial numbers.


Manufacture & purchase of components

DIXI Microtechniques is able to manage the manufacture of your mechanical parts for you using internal machining unit DIXI Cylindre – specialist in precision machining by bar-turning and micro-milling of DIXI’s group 

In view of standardising and supplying the components necessary for the manufacture of a device, DIXI Microtechniques is also able to offer the skills of its Methods department, its Purchasing department and a certified network of qualified partners.