Our expertise


Designer-manufacturer of micromechanical and microtechnical solutions for the defence industry

DIXI Microtechniques develops its own products based on identified market needs, or in partnership with major European ammunition manufacturers.


Micromechanics, Electromechanics, Pyrotechnics

Fuzes for artillery munitions MT, MTSQ, PDM

DIXI Microtechniques has been developing and producing mechanical fuzes for artillery munitions for more than 50 years.

A recognised expert for its chronometric fuzes, the company also produces sophisticated impact fuzes for all types of calibres and ammunition.

Fuzes for mortar and tank gun ammunition

DIXI Microtechniques has tried and tested expertise in the development and production of mechanical fuzes for mortar and tank gun ammunition.

On request, DIXI Microtechniques will develop new concepts meeting the customers’ technical specifications.

Grenade fuzes 40 mm

DIXI Microtechniques develops and manufactures fuzes and mechanical safety and armament devices for 40 mm LV, MV and HV grenades with or without self-destruction function and has thus delivered more than a million fuzes to one of the world’s leading grenade manufacturers.

Fuzes for medium-calibre ammunition

DIXI Microtechniques has been producing self-destructing medium-calibre mechanical fuzes for many years.

The company has the ability to develop original concepts for highly specific ammunition and is therefore able to offer traditional fuzes or develop mechanical fuzes to meet its customers’ requirements.

Mechanical bomb fuzes

In the field of design and production of firing systems for ammunition, DIXI Microtechniques has put its expertise to good use in the production of mechanical bomb fuzes.

Our company is therefore able to develop and produce mechanical impact or time fuzes for airborne devices.

Safety devices for missiles

DIXI Microtechniques’ expertise in the area of micromechanics adapted to the constraints and environments of ammunition results in the company collaborating on numerous missile and rocket production programmes.

Armament safety devices for munition fuzes

The safety and armament system allows to protect individuals and equipment during the storage, handling and initial trajectory of explosive ordnance.

As a major player in this speciality, DIXI Microtechniques has manufactured several million SAS over the last 20 years and offers numerous safety systems adapted to all calibres, in accordance with market development and military standard requirements.

Miscellaneous safety systems

DIXI Microtechniques’ skills, acquired in the area of micromechanics adapted to the munitions constraints and environments, enable the company to develop mechanical safety devices with or without a chronometric function, according to customers’ technical specifications, for all types of munitions or systems.

DIXI Microtechniques’ technique and capacity for innovation make it possible to provide bespoke solutions for complex applications.