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DIXI Microtechniques is one of the six subsidiaries of the Swiss DIXI Group, founded in 1904, a specialist in industrial precision sectors.

Originating in the watchmaking tradition, DIXI Microtechniques’ know-how is expressed in highly technical sectors for the design, industrialisation and assembly of highly reliable devices.


The dynamic and experienced teams at DIXI Microtechniques work in synergy within a company on a human scale, thus assuring customers of the necessary responsiveness for their projects. From R&D to assembly, DIXI Microtechniques meets the needs of the sector, anticipates changes and adapts to developments requested by its customers.

Attentiveness and need

DIXI microtechniques provides its customers with efficient and personalised solutions at each stage of the design process. The organisation’s thoroughness is ISO 9001-certified.

DIXI Microtechniques is a member of the Groupement des Industries de Défense et de Sécurité terrestres et aéroterrestres, the Pôle d’excellence en microtechniques and its PMT ASD Cluster. DIXI Microtechniques is also eligible for the Research Tax Credit.


The company is located in Chaudefontaine, near Besançon, the European microtechniques capital. Since 1988, DIXI Microtechniques has been maintaining the historical micromechanical know-how of the Doubs and Franche-Comté region serving cutting-edge industrial sectors.